Greeting all GSA members,
We thought you guys might all like to know about our recent sporting challenge to our Jiu-Jitsu brothers from the Roots BJJ Schools.
A couple of weeks ago the GSA instructors got together and offered an interclub MMA challenge to the Roots organisation.  The challenge was accepted and plans for the event swung into action – firstly picking a team from everybody that volunteered for the challenge. 
A special thanks here, to all those guys who so quickly stepped up to fight and represent our team – it is a tremendous testament to the GSA members and a great example of the fighting spirit you guys have.  As instructors we are proud to be associated with you and be part of your martial arts development – thankyou.
Unfortunately, and apparently due to some misunderstanding about the rules, the Roots organisation have withdrawn from the challenge – so what would have been a most exciting event, and another opportunity for more GSA guys to have their first MMA event, will not be on for now.
Hopefully the Roots guys will reconsider in the near future, until then and in true martial spirit, we wish them all the best, and we thank them for considering our offer.
Bruno Panno
Head Coach
Gracie Sydney