Dear Members

The huge influx of bushfires this season has destroyed rural communities, wildlife and national forests.

Gracie Sydney will be collecting donations in the forthcoming weeks to help deliver aid for the New South Wales Rural fire Service who are on the front line of fighting these wildfires.

Donating money (if you can) is the most useful way to help. The needs of first responders and victims are varied.
There will be a donation box at the front desk. Any amount is a great help, with 100% of the proceeds going to the NSW Rural Fire Service (RFS)

Online donations can also be made directly via card or bank transfer to the NSW Rural Fire Service. They are for the benefit of volunteer brigades and are a tremendous help.

With fires ravaging through the state, animals are also at their most vulnerable. Gracie Sydney will also be holding a donation box for the RSPCA NSW Bushfire Appeal.
However there is also an online donation option directly paid to the RSPCA NSW Bushfire Appeal

For people wanting to directly give items or food: The Red Cross says it is unable to take and distribute all the food and items that people are donating. Although clothes donated can be handed over to the Red Cross where funds raised from selling them go towards bushfire relief.

However if you do really want to give goods rather than money, charities like “Givit” will coordinate getting specific items to people who need them. There are a list of items that are needed and that can be mailed to affected areas.

Thank you for all your help and support and make sure to stay safe this season!