Hi Students!

Hope you’re doing well!  


Happiness is only real when shared, don’t you agree? 

So, bring your friends to train at Gracie Sydney! =) 


Month Special

The rules for the month promotion are very simple: 

Win a Water Bottle: Bring a friend for the FREE Trial and get an official Gracie Humaita Stainless water bottle for free*. 

Win a Week Free: If your friend joins Gracie Sydney, you get a week free on us. 


Gracie Blog

Check out the latest news! We are happy to introduce Fernanda Monteiro, our new collaborator who is writing a wide range of topics for Gracie’s website. She is writing about general topics such as anxiety and linking them with jiu-jitsu lifestyle. 

Click here: https://graciesydney.com.au/latest-news/ 


Support Small Business

A quick and simple way to support small businesses like Gracie Sydney is rating them on Google. It literally takes less than a minute. 

Believe in us, it makes a huge difference in today’s digital world. We will leave below the link that directs you to our Google Page. Your contribution will be highly appreciated! =) 

Click here: https://g.page/GracieSydney/review?nr


*Until the stock remains. 


This is the April News. Stay tuned. 


See you on the mats. Oss

Gracie Sydney.