The Gracie Humaita Association in Australia will provide to all their members BJJ Opening Mat sessions during the whole long weekend period. The sessions will take place in five different Gracie Humaita Academies. Great opportunity for the members to visit some of our Affiliates Academies and sweat out the Easter eggs. The schedule for the long weekend is:

Good Friday: 10 to 12pm at Gracie Sydney in Alexandria
Saturday: 12 to 2pm at Gracie Humaita Bankstown
Saturday: 10am to 12pm / 5pm to 7pm at Gracie Central Coast
Sunday: 10 to 12pm at Gracie Chastwood
Monday: 11 to 1pm at Gracie Smeaton Grange
Monday: 6 to 8pm at Gracie Castle Hill
All levels welcome
Wishing everyone a Happy Easter