kids watching jiu jitsu class

Enrolling your child in Jiu Jitsu can offer numerous benefits, making it a worthwhile consideration for their overall development. Here are several reasons why your child should try Jiu Jitsu:

 Physical Benefits

1. Improved Fitness: Jiu Jitsu provides a full-body workout, enhancing strength, endurance, and flexibility.
2. Coordination and Motor Skills: The techniques and drills help develop fine and gross motor skills.
3. Healthy Lifestyle: Regular practice promotes a habit of physical activity, contributing to long-term health.

Mental and Emotional Benefits

1. Confidence: Mastering new techniques and achieving milestones boosts self-confidence.
2. Discipline: The structured environment teaches discipline and the importance of practice and perseverance.
3. Focus: Learning complex moves and strategies improves concentration and mental clarity.
4. Resilience: Handling setbacks and challenges in training fosters resilience and a growth mindset.

jiu jitsu kidsSocial Benefits

1. Teamwork: Working with partners and being part of a class helps develop teamwork and cooperation skills.
2. Respect: The martial art’s culture emphasizes respect for instructors, peers, and oneself.
3. Community: Being part of a Jiu Jitsu school creates a sense of belonging and camaraderie.

Practical Benefits

1. Self-Defence: Jiu Jitsu teaches effective self-defense techniques, providing practical skills for personal safety.
2. Conflict Resolution: Understanding and practicing Jiu Jitsu can help children handle conflicts more calmly and constructively.

two kids doing jiu jitsu


Developmental Benefits

1. Problem-Solving: The strategic nature of Jiu Jitsu enhances problem-solving abilities.
2. Goal Setting: Progress in Jiu Jitsu often involves setting and achieving goals, teaching valuable life skills.
3. Adaptability: Kids learn to adapt to different opponents and scenarios, enhancing their ability to handle change and uncertainty.


Enrolling your child in Jiu Jitsu can be a transformative experience for children, offering a blend of physical, mental, social, and practical benefits. It provides a supportive environment where kids can grow, learn, and thrive in various aspects of their lives.

Why should kids do BJJ Per Dana White, UFC CEO

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