Having a balanced diet from breakfast to dinner seems like an impossible dream for someone who spends most of the day outside and have Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu as a habit. Resorting to easy-to-eat foods seems to be the best option to optimize your routine than dedicating a few hours to preparing a healthy meal.


Maintaining a healthy eating routine is essential to sustain good health, both physical and mental, as well as being essential for the body to function in a balanced and correct way.

After all, it is through a balanced diet that we acquire the necessary energy to ensure our continuous well-being and productivity, also guaranteeing a better quality of life in the short, medium and long term.


The fact is that it is not easy to acquire a new habit, especially when it takes organization, discipline, willpower and persistence. However, maintaining an organized eating routine outside the home can be a beneficial and even pleasurable activity if we are prepared and willing to make it a successful BJJ training routine. 


Thinking about freeing you from the trap of eating ‘junk’ on a daily basis just for the ease and practicality of consumption, we’ve separated some practical tips so you can better plan your meal menu, including healthy and nutritious options in each of the meals.


How to create an ideal eating routine


Each person has a type of routine, whether inside or outside the house, which does not allow the creation of a universal and efficient food guide for everyone. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully analyze all the tips that we are going to present below, to understand and adapt which of these practices best fit your current lifestyle.


The process of joining and adapting to a new habit requires planning and organization from the beginning, in order to prevent the situation from getting out of control and you will abandon your commitment.


When we talk about food then, this becomes even more significant, given the fact that supermarket shelves and delivery apps are full of easier options.


So, check out some tips to have a healthy diet even with a busy routine.



Plan your meals for the week 

The first step to creating a healthy eating routine is planning the meals that will accompany you on a daily basis. Hunger is the enemy of time, which means that when you feel like eating, you will look for something immediately, which will often come in processed foods, rich in carbohydrates and fats.

To prevent this from happening, you should plan your entire weekly meal, from the first to the last meal. Keeping a “stock” of meals for different times of your day will save you the mental energy and time to keep satiated and nourished.

In the beginning it may seem like something laborious and tiring, after all it is necessary to set aside time in your routine to dedicate yourself only to this task, but with organization and practice everything will be in order. Also, resisting the temptation to buy treats will be much easier.


Make a shopping list 

Remember: your healthy eating routine starts before you even leave the house. The supermarket is full of attractive products and, to avoid falling into temptation, the ideal is to list all the foods you really need to prepare the week’s meals. Avoiding the consumption of foods that are unrelated to your goal.

Prefer natural foods

You need to think about your diet as a whole, maintaining balance at each meal, in addition to prioritizing food consumption in the most natural way possible, after all, the way a food is prepared completely changes its natural composition.

Leave out of the shopping cart the super industrialized, frozen, soft drinks, and sweets, prioritizing fruits, vegetables, vegetables, whole foods and quality proteins.

Diversify the menu

No one can stand to eat the same thing every day. There comes a time when the repetition of a certain food can become cloying and even inhibit your appetite. Which can also be a cue for you to feel like escaping your eating routine.

To avoid this type of situation, it is good to vary the menu. When putting together your weekly meal plan, try to choose foods that are different from what you ate the week before. Both for main meals and snacks.

Enjoy mealtime

Every meal should be considered one of the most important activities of the day. It is important that you take this time to enjoy the flavor of each food, chewing slowly and feeling pleasure in nourishing yourself.

In addition, eating calmly helps our brain process the information that we are eating, helping to increase the feeling of satiety and preventing excess consumption.

Pay attention to food preservation

Consuming the right foods and properly is a prerequisite for keeping your health up to date. Therefore, it is very important to know the validity period and the way it should be preserved for each food that you will consume during the week. In this way, you preserve food in the right way, make the most of its nutrients and avoid food waste.

Consult a nutritionist

Counting on the help of a professional to maintain a food routine fully adapted to your needs can be the key to combining this practice with other benefits, such as healthy weight loss and the prevention of chronic diseases.


We hope this quick article helps to boost your energy and appetite to train Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu at Gracie Sydney. 


See you on the mats. 

Gracie Sydney Team


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