2021 marks 20 years of Gracie Humaita in Australia. How come it went so fast? When you enjoy the journey, time flies! The work done on and off the mats was a result of a lot of Motivation and Discipline towards a bigger goal!

20 Years ago, Bruno Panno introduced and exported Gracie Jiu-Jitsu to our shores. Many years of hard work, training, discipline and motivation have shaped the foundations of Gracie Humaita in Australia.

However, what is Motivation? Motivation comes from a natural impulse of a human being to reach a goal. However, it does/will not last forever. Even if we want it to. It is a temporary effect created by the brain to propel action.

Everyone needs motivation when training whether your motivation is internal; pushing the boundaries of your mind and creating personal targets to hit, or external; having someone push you to achieve your goals, e.g. BJJ coaches. No matter your goals, big or small.

Once you have decided on your desired result, it is important to keep on track using discipline.

Discipline is the ability to move in the same direction, even when the motivation is low. Discipline is considered even more important than motivation, because it is something that survives beyond the moment. Your good discipline can last a lifetime if you let it become your mindset.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu at Gracie Humaita Sydney can help you find motivation for your goals. Whether it be regarding fitness, learning something new, or wanting to achieve a new belt colour.
You will also find an improvement in discipline when training. The more you push yourself to show up to classes, the more a great discipline habit is being built.

With discipline comes the commitment to consistency. The more you dedicate yourself to showing up to training, the more benefit you will reap. An increase in overall body fitness, improved cardiorespiratory function, greater technical ability in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and more friends made on the mats!

It is fundamental to stay consistent in training and to train as many times as the body allows. There is no secret to Jiu-jitsu, just time spent on the mat.


See you on the mats!