Aside from the action at the Copa Podio and other set match events with BJJ superstars, this weekend saw a UFC in Adelaide in which Gracie Humaita Chatswood‘s own Alex Chambers fought and caught a third round submission finish, the Adelaide Open where two of our young competitors medaled in silver and gold, as well as our own Internal Kids Competition in support of Suicide Prevention Australia at the Randwick Racecourse. All of this over this Mother’s Day weekend!

We have much to be grateful for and Gracie Sydney Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) would like to say a big CONGRATS to Alex on her success and for bringing home a definitive win to Sydney and for showing the best of Women’s MMA. More big ‘thanks yous’ are in order to our amazing Staff, Students, Families, who support our competitors and our sport and especially all our MUMS- without whom none of us would be here!