Hey, how are you?

“Half the year is gone, post a picture of each month”.

Surely you’ve seen this phrase on Instagram in the last few days. Even if it’s not July 2nd yet – when in fact we’ll be halfway through the year – a lot has happened so far.

But, are we enjoying our days or just living them on autopilot? Let’s reflect on that today.

Oh, and in this post, we prepared a surprise!


Time to reflect!

How has your 2022 been? What have you lived again so far? Which of your goals has already received the desired check?

Here we don’t expect extraordinary answers, everything is valid, from skydiving to making a recipe doesn’t matter how big the action is, but how important it is to you and your desire to go there and do it.

Every end/beginning of the year is the same thing: we focus on a big change, and we make lists with new habits, routines, and steps we want to take throughout the new year. But as time passes, the rush speaks louder and we often arrive in the middle of the year with all the goals that have been listed in the background.

But don’t worry because all is not lost. It’s never too late to take the first step and live new experiences that will change your life!


 Why Trying New Things?

Living new experiences is an opportunity to get to know each other better, read, listen and discover things that were not part of the routine until then. Also, when we experience new activities our brain reacts differently.

Through studies in the field of neuroscience, a scientist at the University of California, USA, discovered that we are able to create new neuronal circuits and connections in response to stimulation and experiences. This theory was called neuroplasticity and it goes like this:

Let’s use the example of physical activity.

– You play a sport for the first time. There is an increase in blood supply and energy in the brain;

– This optimizes the strength and operation of the brain, improving its functioning.

In addition, living new experiences generates different benefits, such as:

– Development of new skills- Improved mood- Generates new social connections;

– Reduces stress and anxiety;

– Increases self-confidence and self-esteem.


Here at Gracie Sydney Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ), our purpose is to awaken your version to the fullest! That’s why we seek to improve 1% every day, always motivated by health, high performance, and challenges, as we believe in constant evolution.

With that in mind, we want to encourage you to live new experiences this year. Take advantage of the next 6 months to get out of your comfort zone and live new things, SUCH AS TRAINING JIU-JITSU.Don’t Hesitate!!! Book your introduction class now and be ready to have the best experience in your life, we are here to receive you to be part of our Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Family!!!


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