1) Show up to class

It may seem a little over simplified to start off with this, but the fact is this: to get better, show up to class. Too many guys WANTING to get better are not actually training. Watching videos, and participating forums are great. And sure there are even times you need to take a day off, but the bottom line is: if you want to get better, show up to class.

2) Understand the Principle

Understanding the principle will improve your Jiu Jitsu. “There are a million different methods, but only a few principles.” If you understand the concept, you won’t have the worry about the new specific technique. There will always be a new popular technique. Focusing on the concept will also allow you to adapt the move to your body and ultimately create your own Jiu Jitsu. Understanding why the move works and the principles behind the technique will expand your understanding of grappling. If you don’t understand this yet, you will later. Just keep focusing on the principles.

3) Drill, Drill, Drill & Drill Some More

If an instructor gives you a move to practice, don’t just do 3 each and sit on the side. The best grapplers are always those who put in the most work. Maximize your time at the gym and drill some more. Better yet, stay after class or show up early to drill. “Repetition is the mother of all learning.”

4) Set Small Goals

Like anything in life, setting a small short term goal is very important. When it comes to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, tell yourself to improve ONE thing each day. If you improve just one thing, over time, the accumulated gains will be enormous.You’ll go to training and say to yourself, today I want to work on [INSERT WEAKPOINT OF MY GAME]. Then you have to spend some time drilling certain moves to fix it and force myself into that situation in sparring. At the end of the day, you have improved and accomplished a small goal. Don’t make the mistake of coming to class with a blank slate. Come to class with a purpose and for sure you’ll leave 10% better.

5) No-Gi / Gi Grips

When training in the Gi, try to minimize my use of the kimono as much as possible. That way, when you take off the Gi You are not lost. Sure there are great moves with the Gi that maximize your efficiency, but if you train that way entirely, once you take off the Gi you will be at a huge disadvantage. One benefit from this principle is that you will also save your fingers.

6) Have fun at all times, talk about techniques, share knowledge with your class mates and ask questions to your instructor. Make your Jiu Jitsu gym your second home, enjoy be in there and the results will come naturally.

Good Luck and dont forget these tips!!!