Maintaining a clean gym is a big responsibility that goes much further than just cleaning the mats everyday.  There are also things that each one of us can do to maintain a clean, healthy training atmosphere.  If we follow some simple precautionary steps then we can enjoy even more this amazing martial art!

1)  Wash Your Gi
Simple!  Just come to class with a fresh laundered uniform and belt.  Some try and get by with just spraying an odor neutralizer, but this is not suffice.  You need to wash and dry your gi thoroughly.

2)  Wash Knee Braces or Joint Supports
If you use some type of brace or wrap make sure it is properly washed before each practice

3)  Using a Clean Gym Bag
This is one that is often overlooked.  Make sure that whatever you use to transport your uniform back and forth is also clean.  If you bring your dirty, sweaty gi home in a gym bag, wash it then put it back in to the same gym bag then it will pick up bacteria and such from the bag.  Because of this I roll my gi up and tie it together with either my belt of the sleeves from the top of my gi (see picture).  You can also get a gym bag that can be washed along with your uniform each time.

4)  Remove Jewelry
Earring, necklaces, rings, etc. need to be removed before training.  They have the ability to hurt both you and your training partners.

5)  Use Footwear when Using the Toilets
Another one that is often overlooked.  When you leave the mat to use the restroom, make sure that you use some sort of footwear.

6) Trim Finger and Toe Nails
Before coming to class always make sure your finger and toe nails are short and trimmed.  This is for both men and women.  Long nails are like razors when training and can cut you and you and your training partner.

7)  Wear Deodorant
Yes, nobody wants a stinky training partner.  Make sure you are clean and free of body odor.

8)  Take a Shower Immediately After Class
Taking a shower immediately following class lessens your chances of picking up a skin irritation or infection.

9)  Tie your Hair Back
If you have long hair make sure to tie it back so that does not get into you or your partners way.

10) Cover all Cuts
If you have any cuts or scratches make sure that you properly cover them so they are not exposed.  If you are unsure how to do this, ask your instructor!

11)  Brush your Teeth
It is no fun when you are doing positions in close proximity for an hour with someone who has bad breath.

12)  Don’t Train when Sick
We are all dedicated to train everyday and improve our games with maximum efficacy, but if you are sick or coming down with something, take the day off.  Training hard will lower your immune system thus delaying your recovery.  It also exposes everyone to your illness thus putting your teammates at risk of also getting sick.

Following these simple steps will help us to keep our status of the most clean Brazilian Jiu Jitsu gym in Australia.